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Three of our budding gymnasts have been adding to their tally of certificates and badges as they do a double-back somersault through the Scottish Gymnastics levels. Emily, Aiden and Olivia have achieved levels 3,4 and 7 respectively!





Our winning "Pocket Garden" entry was whisked off to Ingliston thanks to Mr Sherriffs kindly driving the trailer! We loaded everything on board and then with a wave,  off we went to set it up. Our thanks to Mr Barr for his help with construction and to all the children who helped make this a very event for our wee school!


Eve and Craig continue to do well in local and area competitions in weightlifting. Their young team are now known as PAWS and here is a photo of them with their coach Alex at the 2nd round of Development Cup held in Easterhouse at recently.

Craig  won the 45 kg (U-10) class with a 11 kg snatch and a 14 kg jerk for a 93 points total. Eve  won the 48 kg (U-11) class with a 22 kg snatch and a 30 kg jerk for a 124 points total.


You may remember this - "It was cutlery at dawn, as our two senior classes faced a "head-to-head" cook-off for the "Beat the Takeaway" challenge......."

...check out "What's New in learning and Teaching" to find out what happened next!


We have had lots off success recently in the world of ECO schools!

In March the school won its fourth Green Flag! Pupils compiled a "powerpoint" presentation based on work since 2015 to the present and also scanned a wide range of other evidence of their work in litter; water conservation, the Butterfly project; growing produce and waste reduction. This is an incredible achievement for a small school, but there is a shared understanding that teamwork is the only way we will maintain the standards required. Our thanks to everybody who has helped us along that journey - former staff and ECO co-ordinators Mrs Cochrane, Miss Hunt; Mr Barr as our resident advisor; parents and of course pupils.

As if that wasn't enough, we then discovered that we were finalists in the ECO Schools "One Planet Pocket Garden" competition. We had completed the design about a month ago, based round the idea of a "Fairy Garden", but as a wildlife habitat, containing many of the plants we grow for our butterfly project. We now must make the garden for real and build it at the Royal Highland Show in June, in the hope that we may win "Best Wildlife Garden" overall! The clock is ticking now to get everything done for that and all the other exciting work we are doing as part of the Creativity Project, done in time!

Here are our proud pupils with the flag itself and the new certificate. In front two girls are holding the "Pocket Garden" design, now ready to be built and the competition design brief.




Four of our pupils have been amassing evidence of their success in a range of competitive fields.

Emily attends "Highland Horse Fun" in Kingussie and recently won a rosette for successfully negotiating mounting and dismounting! Eve continues to develop her skills in weightlifting and is holding her medals and cups from this year and last, detailing her success in reaching the various rounds of competitions.- she is particularly proud of the medal awarded to her for being the "Best Under-11 female lifter".

Aiden and Olivia continue to attend gymnastics club in Pitlochry. Olivia is now the proud holder of levels 1-5 of the SGA, which has taken her 5 years of commitment and determination!. Aiden has just achieved his level 1 so he is obviously aiming to catch her up!

Well done all!           




 Mrs Young visits our school every week to teach woodwind and she accompanied her students playing some Christmas favourites to the rest of the school, at the end of her last visit for this term. They all played "Jingle Bells" and Olivia also added "Jolly Old St Nicholas" to her repertoire.

Well done!



It was "jingle all the way" for two of our pupils who won their group section, of the Pitlochry Winter Festival Christmas card design competition! The theme was "Cracking Christmas Trees"! Maisie won with her clay model and Harrisen won with a painting of a tree. Here are all our pupils with their work and a photo of the two winners helping to switch on the lights of Fisher's tree on the day of the festival.


Last session the children - with the invaluable help from the Ballinluig Blethers! - have been learning to knit squares to construct a warm cosy blanket for "KAScare - Knit -a square" who help refugee children in Syria and parts of Africa. After lots of hard work (and a lot of dropped stitches!) here, finally, is our lovely blanket, sewn together and decorated from extra squares, cinched into a bow shape. We realise how lucky we are to think that this simple piece of wool could be the best gift a child might get this year, but we are proud that we have helped contribute to the relief efforts of this and other charities. Our thanks to Margaret Ross and Isabel Cairns for their help - and patience!




Some of our pupils have won awards for activities recently!

Craig and Eve have continued their success in weightlifting and recently won a gold medal in each of their individual classes, during a competition held in Stirling.  Eve tells us she gained the maximum number of points possible!

Olivia won a rosette and certificate for her participation in a sponsored horse-riding session, at nearby Knockdarroch farm. She also more recently gained her Grade1 Horse Care and Riding badges.

 Finally, Olivia again, but this time with Aiden her brother, showing off their medals for completing the annual Summer Reading Challenge, set by P&K libraries!






The "waste awareness" team would like to thank us for our schools contributions to the grey "weee" recycling bins, during April- June. In total 0.1 tonnes of recyclable waste was collected, approximately the weight of a baby elephant! (However ,elephants don't recycle things!)



                                     Kimberley after receiving her gold medal in the 2014 Glasgow games.

What a super time we had when we joined judo Commonwealth gold medallist Kimberley Renicks and the pupils of Blair Atholl school. After a fitness circuit, she spoke most inspirationally about her journey to become one of the world's top judokas. We were expecting her sister Louise, but for unforeseen reasons she could not come, so we were delighted to welcome Kimberley in her place. Kimberley  reminded us that she won her medal 45 minutes before her sister (not that she's competitive!). It was quite a thrill to see a real gold medal! Our pupils had compiled questions for her and Alex  managed to capture a moment during the fitness circuit, with our ipad. Kimberley explained that she does similar exercises for 45 minutes, to strengthen her whole body ready for tournaments - our wee legs were wobbly after just 4!

Our sincere and grateful thanks to everyone who worked so hard to raise sponsor money. From the total raised, a proportion of the money went to our athlete; part went to the organisation who support other un-funded athletes and we received a welcome £216 into our school funds! This really was a unique event and the children felt they learned a great deal about being a sporting champion and how grit, determination, sheer hard work and an absolute conviction to succeed, can get you anything you wish to achieve - messages they will carry over into their work at school and indeed, their own lives, messages which form a huge part of our health and wellbeing curriculum

Read our pupils' comments below.......

Here we are halfway through the fitness circuit!

Summer: We had to work hard to do the circuit!
Emily: It was fun!

Craig: It was highly energy-draining! (the circuit, that is !)

Eve: Good, but tiring!

Keanan: My arms got tired doing push-ups!

Liam: It was exciting meeting someone so important in a sport.

Maisie: I liked watching the video clips of her training.

Mikolaj: My legs were achy but I didn't give up!

Aiden: She really loved "irn bru" but would only allow herself a very small mini-bottle and only if she had trained hard!

Angus: She ate good, healthy food.

Harrisen: She did all sorts of different things to be ready for tournaments

Olivia: Her training was not what I expected - she did climbing walls to make her legs stronger,.

Matthew: I realised that you have to be completely healthy to be a champion.




Well done to all our young achievers!